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    If you pre-order Star Wars Squadrons....

    Anyone else find it odd there was no crosshair reticle of any kind on the gameplay they showed? Seemed like you were just eyeballing all of the shots and came across to me as very arcade-like.
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    [Video] Inside Gaming takes another jab at Star Citizen

    Would love to see the 45 minute version you did for the first take as well.
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    An additional $17M from existing CI investors

    Exactly! How about we get a real marketing person in there that can actually do a better job of throwing content at us? I feel like we only see what Disco Lando decides to throw together.
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    An additional $17M from existing CI investors

    This reminds me. When was the last time we saw Sandi? According to her IMDB page she has acted in and produced a few short short films recently, which seems like an odd thing to do for someone in a head marketing position. I would have brought this up on reddit, but they seem to defend her a bit...
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    I just caught this thread, and I was curious if everyone thinks we will actually be looking at schools shutting down and home quarantine? We are stocking up just in case, but I'm hoping it doesn't go nuts. We also have a Disneyworld trip planned for June that we are debating about cancelling.
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    New to TEST Squadron, Looking to become a Rock Raider

    Wait, I thought beer was a minimum requirement and a pulse was recommended?
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    For all you cargo haulers or wanna be cargo haulers

    Got this from PeppaPigKilla in this thread: PO - > Terra Mills HydroFarm (agriculture, shit profit but starts the run) Terra Mills Hydrofarm -> R&R CRU-L4 ( distilled spirits ) R&R CRU-L4 -> PO ( scrap) Rinse - Repeat
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    Ive been semi afk for the past two weeks, what did I miss?

    I just assumed Montoya was working on the next State of the Squadron...
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    3.7 Trade Routes

    Did the PO -> Hydrofarm -> CRUL 4 run 3 times tonight and it was smooth each time. This also had much better profit than my previous runs!
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    3.7 Trade Routes

    I'm going to try this one next time I log on. I have been doing smaller A to B to A runs from Port Olisar(Medical Supplies or nothing) to Yela ArcCorp Mining Area 157(Flourine) and back to Port Olisar to sell. It usually nets around 3800 UEC with a full cargo hold(120 SCU) in my Freelancer MAX...
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    FPS Mining and Harvesting

    Great guide! I had the bug where anything I mined did not yield any chunks, even if kept at the correct levels. Also, caves are super dangerous as you can get stuck in them if you go too far down and can't climb out.
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    Combat flight training is coming back!

    Any chance this will have multi-crew combat? I am a very mediocre pilot who would love to start off in the verse as part of a crew manning a turret. I have not played in a while, but I have heard the turret gameplay has improved and would love to get a chance to practice.
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    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIB SOTS 37!!!

    Time for some Montoya star citizen video tutorials!
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    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIB SOTS 37!!!

    We have been waiting since April 17th for a new state of the squadron video. Surely if glorious leader Montoya can film himself opening a GPU he can get this to us soon.
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    Star Citizen breaks $40M record in year-over-year funding

    I agree! Any excuse for more of our glorious leader!
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