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Jun 3, 2016
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Shadow Reaper

I think the same is probably true of attitudes toward the Hydroxychloroquine/zinc/arithromycin protocol Trump's doctor recommended. Last week there was an unreviewed study that seemed to show the survival rate was much higher using the protocol, that over 50,000 American deaths would have been avoided with it, and that there were NO reasons to not try the protocol. So why did most doctors shun the mere possibility of saving lives when we had direct evidence COVID-19 only slowed Trump down for 4 days, and never made him really ill?

Politics trumps science and common sense, again.
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Jan 5, 2016
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COVID Catharsis Corner - Reports from around the world from today, Friday 18th of June:

- World: 177,563,153 confirmed cases and 3,844,571 confirmed deaths.

- World: WHO indicates Delta variant is becoming globally dominant.

- World: WHO official indicates COVAX scheme is grinding to a halt for lack of doses, indicates that only countries with the production capacity currently have access to vaccines.

- US: Has administered 300 million vaccine doses in 150 days.

- EU: Looses legal challenge to AstraZeneca to deliver 120 million doses by the end of June. Judge hands down a schedule for 15 million doses by 26 July, another 20 million by 23 August and another 15 million by 27 September totalling 50m doses, however will impose a fine of $12 per dose not delivered if they fail to show. AstraZeneca indicated they were happy as the judge acknowledged the unprecedented circumstances which caused the shortfall, and the EU was happy as they said the new schedule confirmed that the contract was not honoured and is pleased with judges comments that UK factories must reroute doses if needed.

- Africa: WHO warns cases are surging across the continent however the true extent may be hidden by infrastructure issues.

- UK: Delta variant cases climb by 79% week on week.

- UK: Study suggests one dose of vaccine reduces risk of needing hospital treatment by 75%.

- UK: Wales announces that they believe they are at the beginning of Wave 3.

- Israel/Palestine: Israel agrees to ship 1.4 million close to expiry doses to Palestine in return for an identical number to be returned to Israel later, the expiry was indicated to be July or August however it was discovered the first batch to be moved expires in June giving no time to move them to where they would need to be administered.

- South Korea: Pledges $200 million donation to COVAX.

- Austria: Pledges 1 million doses of vaccine to neighbour countries: “We are only safe when all countries are safe,”

- Turkey: Has delivered over 1 million vaccines a day since Monday, a rapid increase in pace.

- Russia: Following big spike in new daily cases to 17k, official indicates rising COVID cases are due to low vaccination level, new mutations and as quoted: "total nihilism".

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Sep 25, 2017
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The vaccine looks to be doing what is suppose to do with really no reported side effects. It’s amazing what the world can accomplish when motivated.
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