Is anyone going to buy the Kraken?

Mich Angel

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Sep 19, 2016
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All depend on price I guess, But I wont sign up for interest, if they want me to buy it put it in store and if price is right I buy if not I wont, it is how I see it ;)
Sign up for interest list IMO is just.. eh not okay IMO..

Kinda same thing as car dealer that wont show price and if you ask they say if you ask you can't afford it... That's just stupid BS IMO..

RL Example. One car dealer lost a buy doing that with me, I went to another dealer that told me the price polite when I asked and I bought the car...

Having the cash don't mean you don't care for the price as some seem to think... most who have a lot of cash got it cause they don't spent it left and right without thought..

So this kind of sale I wont support ever... : )

Edit:---- But it is such a cool ship... F**K : - P
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