My thoughts on the Super Hornet sale...

Han Burgundy

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Jan 15, 2016
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But....but.....I COULD HAVE AN EXTRA DRAGONFLY!!! CIG is literally Nazis for STEALING $20 from me. I also happen to have no concept of shifting value or any core understanding of what crowd funding is. This is the same bullshit that car dealerships are always pulling off! I bought a 2012 chevy in 2014 for $18,000. Thats a good deal, right?! WRONG. Saw an ad yesterday for the SAME vehicle (Make, model, year) for $16,000. WTF?! The dealership owes me that extra $2000 cuz I could have waited and got it for cheaper. GUH! BULLSHIT!



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Mar 30, 2016
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"Oh the carrack is the best ship! You really got to get it if you want to do exploration!! Oh by the way, good thing I bought it 5 years ago when it was $20 because I'm a veteran backer.... but you should still fork out the $400 for it because it's the bees knees and it helps game development."

I mean how we really going to get new people like that? Good on CIG trying to get new monies. I approve. Secondly from all the commotion I thought the hornets were super cheap like $40 or something but they are still crap load of money to buy!!! I still need to buy CIV 6, battlefield 1, and formula for my newborn and then you want me to buy a jpg for $150+ dollars...


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Mar 10, 2016
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The insurance thing just put me of owning multiple ships and I think was a mistake, I now have all LTI ships.

I will always be happy that other people have put cash into the game it just makes the game more likely to happen. It always seems a little silly to me with all the melt unmelt ccu going on just to keep supply limited and demand real, some ships probably wouldn't sell much at all if the so called better ships were always on sale.

In the EU because of VAT and the grey market not declaring VAT (being such honest traders and all that) sadly the ships are cheaper on that market even when over priced. So I can understand why its used even if I prefer it wasn't.

I no longer have store credit well $30 bucks so it matters little to me whether its cash or not but I will not purchase a ship without LTI.


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Aug 20, 2016
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I don't know. For me, there are separate opinions that combine to form a disjointed stance on my part.

I want to see this game completed very badly. CIG will need continued income to accomplish it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the final cost of this game crosses the 180m mark. The overhead won't just suddenly stop though. They will need even more than that to keep the servers up. Cutting edge is expensive. If we want it, we will have to pay for it.

I also hate broken promises. Now, to be clear, this sentiment isn't just about CIG. It most certainly isn't about the SH sale. It's just the most recent event to tear off that bandaid. I hate what the video game industry has become. Developers can literally promise anything they want, no matter how outlandish, and deliver none of it. There is zero accountability in the gaming industry at the moment. I am sick of it.

That being said, time is a fickle thing. It changes everything. Star Citizen is no different. The game that was originally pitched is only a fraction of the beast currently being developed. It is unreasonable to hold someone accountable for promises made based on a completely different situation. If all my ex's came back and tried to hold me accountable for all the promises I made while drunk and horny... good god... The current drama on the forums is kinda like that.

So I am both disappointed and approving. I am upset about the broken promise, but happy CIG has made $250,000 in the last few days. The only real concern that I have, is that CIG doesn't start fking their current customers just to make a quick buck off the new ones. I have seen it too many times in too many MMOs. I just really, really hope it doesn't happen here. I expect better from Star Citizen.

Mich Angel

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Sep 19, 2016
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I agree with you and my reaction is as yours... like uh ok cool nice sale :smile:

Gaming for me is a hobby like archery, racing, swimming, bodybuilding is for others.. and for me it's simple if you can't afford it don't spend your money. So I wrote this on my profile on RSI homepage to remind myself what I am spending money on

"" On a personal note, I think this game will be for the game world, what star wars became to be for the movie industry to put it short.
A millennium stone in history of games, IMHO. ;) ""

Some time you just have to take a chance on something and stay the course, no one is forcing anyone to do that.
And I rather be one of those who say I was there in the beginning than being one of those who say damn what did I miss here.

Have a great day every one :smile: o7
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May 22, 2014
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I hold the opposite opinion. Its not about the SH sale per say as really $10 - $20 is nothing. Its just that how far are they willing to go and what are they willing to say to raise money for the game?

The problem here is CIG does not really need to promise anything. They can just sell the ships as is with or without LTI and get their cash. There is no need to reiterate the fact on every sale that these ships will cost more in the future and will not include LTI.

There is also no need for them to highlight which ships are limited and which are rare. They can just simply say we are offering E.g: 200 Idris - M's for sale. The proceeds will be used for game development. Thats it. No one would have been angry or cared. No one would have cared if these were later discounted or came up for sale again. There are a lot of better ways they could have done this without false advertising.

Lets look at a similar case below

He paid for a game before its release, and chose to buy a special edition which included a lot of extras expecting to receive said game early to on time for its official release. Promises were made, game was not delivered to him as promised despite buying it well in advance.

CIG has pretty much done something similar. When you go to the sale page and it explicitly states that future sales of the ship will be more expensive you do not expect it discounted before the game is even released. This is tantamount to false advertising. We as backers do not hold CIG to any standard or deadline and basically he has free reign to do whatever. We however expect a certain level of good faith from a professional developer, something that at the moment is being taken for granted.

I want this game to be a success. However for it to be a success he needs more than the current pool of backers. Blindly making statements to get more cash will not fly. In the short run he may get a fresh infusion but its going to hurt the game and everyone who backed it in the long run.
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