SALE HYPE! What are your fleet plans?


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Jan 22, 2014
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I also have that dilemma... I really want to keep and love the Phoenix but the changes to the power and weapons are making it quite difficult.

I'm thinking about CCUing one of the Merchantmen into something else... perhaps a Carrack?
And of course making a final call on the Phoenix.
2018 Nov Fleetview.png
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Jun 25, 2016
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I just CCU'd My Herc M2 and Lightspeed LTI package to a Polaris yesterday. I'd like to have an endeavor, but we'll see. I'm still taking my time on my starter ship until after the new flight model comes in. I mayyy pick up the mercury as well. Maybe.

Happy Anniversary sale everyone!


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Jun 3, 2016
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Just a friendly word of warning to those considering an Idris--frigates are ships of the line. They're intended for extended fleet engagements. They can take real hits unlike any smaller ship, but they are not intended for hit and run tactics. They stand in the open and fire at other, very large targets that can be hit with things like spinal mounts.

Odds are good the Polaris is more than a match for the Idris, so long as the Corvette fights on its own terms. The range of the Polaris S10 torps is many times that of the Idris P and M guns, and since the Polaris will be much faster, it can control engagement distance. So even if they give beam weapons an insanely high speed to target, odds of you even being able to use the gun before the Polaris kills you are NOT good.

So beware spending all that money on a ship of the line and then using it in a role other than intended. If CIG doesn't provide us with a way to shoot down torps, they are going to put lots of Idris and Void Bombers in he trash bin.


Oct 24, 2018
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I'm not sure if there are any other changes I should make. I probably don't need the Ursa or the Cyclone, since I should get rovers with both the 600i and the Carrack.

I also don't want the Aquila, but it was better than free.

I'm considering replacing something with a Prowler perhaps, or maybe a Sen'tok.yai if those are cool.
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