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Jan 28, 2016
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Thats it, im officially ignoring this thread and putting it on my favorites bookmarks on the favorites bar so that I'm reminded to specifically ignore it everytime I see it and wont be tempted to come poke around to see what shit talking is going down in THIS thread SPECIFCALLY, because as we all know, there are tons of other threads for us to shit talk in, especially the one where it says Shit new applicants are saying | TEST Squadron - Premier Star Citizen Organization or the nearly to 1,000 page Please don't like my thread-campaign | TEST Squadron - Premier Star Citizen Organization because those are not nearly as crazy as this crazy train thread that were on. Now I suggest we refocus our efforts into a single coherent drunken rage of slurring insults that sound great in our heads but continue to make no sense to anyone else which makes us more disgruntled when they ask us to constantly repeat our selves when they damn well know we cant remember what we just said. Im just saying. And besides, were getting off topic here about ignoring this thread. Now just bookmark this thread, make sure you label it "Do NOT open!" or "Red Button" or "Danger, this is not beer" to the link so that you know not to be tempted into peaking and mistakenly opening this thread again. Nuff said, now go hurl drunken insults at someone, and if they understand what you said, drink more beer till they dont, your obviously not doing it right.
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