[Video] Montoya rips Sid Alpha a new one

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Sep 19, 2016
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I'll repeat my comment I did on youtube...

Like there is someone holding a gun to my head saying back the game,,, erh! NOT !.. It's called free will I don't have to if I chose not to.

For the 27K$ pack it was asked for by the Backers, CIG didn't want to do this mega pack for years but backers was on the case and wanted a better ultimate mega pack. So the concierge backers was asked to what ships to include and it was voted for this pack. If there is greed there it is, from the backers who want it all.. ha ha ha...
( this voting or asking the backers in spectrum has been for most new bigger packs that come out lately )

It get's me laughing every time when people make comment and have opinions and it's clear as a blue sky they have no clue what they're talking about and it is apparent they did not marriage the info needed to even think... what a joker.. Great video as always Montoya Keep it up :smile:

CHEERS!! :beers::beers::beers::beer::beer::beers::beers::beer::beer::beer::beers::beers: :joy::joy::joy:
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Feb 22, 2016
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You did a great job of correcting the errors! I was actually kinda looking forward to seeing a good reply to his video. Thank you, and well done glorious leader! :beers:

While I'm looking forward to someone finally putting together a factually correct and well made critical video of SC and it's kinda troubled development, I was surprised by how wrong and outdated the "information" in SidAlpha's video was. He usually does a pretty decent job of looking up stuff before talking total bullshit. If he does mess up, he usually does a correction video not too much later. But this time around, he just admits he didn't even look into the state of the game since 2point something, so it was disappointing...

Btw, talking about greed and cashgrab: getting on the same bullshitty clickbait 27K-package train a week too late, ignoring all the facts of why and how, just to get a quick boost of YT/patreon money and score some "relevance" points for the channel without putting any effort into it... yeah, hypocrite much SidA?


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Mar 30, 2016
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I dunno sid alpha says game devs are only concerned for making and selling new ships for a broken game. Our leader replies back anticipating new 600i ship with features that are not implemented and buggy.

Wat good is having new ships if you cant even use its features and the game is still brokken!?



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May 31, 2017
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It's always illustrative to play the reverse game. If CIG was TRYING to be greedy, what would they do different? No melting, no refunds, no CCU, no LTI, $69 starter pack. That's just a few things, I'm sure other people can come up with many more, so CIG is doing a poor job if their goal is to be greedy. I won't address the other points as they are similar in nature. I've seen Sid Alpha videos and he feels very aggreived, but doesn't have much substance.

Mich Angel

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Sep 19, 2016
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Why is so many referring it as a game as it is a finished product?.
It's a game in development and funded by the people who want to see a game like this.
They asked should we do this and many said yes go for it.
They said we can make it even better, shall we make it even better, most said yes make it the damn best space game ever.
Now that is what they are doing on demand from backers and by caring for what most backers want from this game wen it is finished...
That is why the original stretch goal got raised and raised...
We the backers are the one to blame it take longer then originally planed not CIG.
They are working their asses of to make the game we want and they don't work for free.
( do you work for free.. and any funny guy that says yes, well that is on you )

This is reason most seem to overlook or get tunnel vision when making complains, they ( CIG ) asked us as backer we said DO IT!
So what did some expect it to come out the next day ??

Gee... Get the info needed to have a opinion or the words don't mean nothing.

For that matter it is just starting to get to the end of the Pre-Alpha state... So even having a opinion on broken,unstable or crash feast without managing to give some constructive feedback on issues or... what ever... is just making me wounder who's the twat?!?

It is suppose to crash and misbehave at this state this is how they iron out the flaws and what work and not or what can be made to work...
etc.. etc.. etc.. If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen, simple as that... Read the word DEVELOPMENT as in NOT finished.

Most peps with issues on performance should get some facts.
Real solid and proper info of game making.
Then go do a reality check and if what they see now don't fit the bag, do something else for a wile.
How hard can it be, really!

CHEERS ! BEERS ! :beer::beer::beers::beer::beer::beers::beer::beer::beers:
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Jan 5, 2016
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Thank you, Glorious Leader!

I went and watched the original video - seems to be an opinion piece, which I can only say:


Facts are stated "X has happened/happened" but then unsubstantiated opinion is then put forward "So that means Y".

"Stretch-goals happened [correct they did happen] and then the scope of the game widened [correct we are going to get a much much bigger game] and thats why SC is a joke in most circles [substantiate this claim please]"

"...as a result of what one would assume to be fairly strained resources [Stated as an assumption - please substantiate or the following is based upon an assumption] Cloud Impirium continues to push for ship sales and other purchasables in order to continue funding the moneypit that Star Citizen has turned into [A statement of fact following an assumption does not make that assumption true. The funding drive continues as they have said it will until the end of Beta when ship sales end]"

Even the title of the video is an opinion - He is saying the crowdfunding has gone wrong whereas it could be also argued because the game is going to be so much bigger than its original $500k crowd-funding has gone very, very right.

A handy guide to facts, opinions and Assumptions, by NaffNaffBobFace:

Facts: "Instance X is happening/happened, so Instance Y will happen/is happening as a result."

Facts are supported by proof that the factual statement is correct, and are generally undeniable unless new evidence contrary comes to light. Facts are objective.

Opinion: "Instance X happened, so I think Y."

Opinions have no documentation to back them up, and might be totally wrong. They are subjective in almost 100% of cases being built from personal experiences in accordance with Phenomenology and Aequiperantium (comparison by equivalent means) - If one has not experienced something, how can they truly know it?
There is "Expert Opinion" where the person giving their opinion has worked in that field for X amount of years and compares what they see to what they experienced and draws a conclusion which may, or may not, be right depending on their experiences and the situation they are comparing against... but they are generally to be trusted with the correctly experienced observer. I would love to know Sidney Alphas experience before he stared to make critiques of video games, I'm not suggesting his observations are not valid, just curious to know what angle he is comparing this specific never-been-done-before crowd funder to.
There is also "Layman Opinion" where someone with no experience of the subject draws a conclusion and then stands by that opinion. A Laymans opinion can be based upon things they have not directly experienced, like TV shows, news reports, youtube videos or something someone told them in a bar. This is generally not to be trusted as although opinion may sometimes be based on facts received via these means those could have had a subjective agenda and it is also subjective to how that person interpreted the facts they received in the first place. A laymans opinion could be little better than assumption, bringing us on to:

Assumption: "X! Frikkin' X! Well thats that fucked, isn't it?"

Assumptions are the lowest form of oration and cannot be trusted, even by the person making them. Although an assumption can be correct this is down to chance and in some cases skew fact to fit where it actually doesn't and never will - they can be based on Opinion which itself even if based on fact is subjective and dependent on the level of experience of the opinionator, but assumption can be based upon other things like prejudice, or can even be ingrained by upbringing. For instance, a famous instance of assumption enforced by upbringing is Racism. If a child is bought up to believe a certain nationality is inferior, violent, unsanitary etc by a prejudice of their parents, they will generally believe that until they are presented with evidence to the contrary and sometimes even then it can be so ingrained that no amount of factual evidence will change the assumption.

I'm not saying he's not entitled to his opinions, everyone is,
however what he has which I and 99% of other people don't is a position of authority with a following of people who trust and respect that opinion to the point of considering it Expert Opinion whereas it may be layman opinion or even worse flat out assumption, as in one part of the video he himself stated he was.

Now, I don't have any documented facts for the above so it is my opinion... whether it is expert opinion? Well, i'll let my loyal fans and followers be the judge of that ;)
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May 21, 2018
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Nice video. But it seems someone rather than debate this, like Montoya did, decided to threaten SidAlpha and his family. Over a game?! Man, people these days. Opinions seem to be a bad thing....

No wonder people liken the following of this game to a cult. Death threats... Are you insane? I am amazed. There actually ARE people out there who's self-worth is directly tied to the existence of this game and any form of dislike and criticism is taken as a personal insult. Damn psychopaths.

And through their actions they give all of us a bad name. I really wish I was able to meet the person who did this... Have "a few words" with them in private...
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