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    Soooo new July sub rewards are useless paints ?!!

    I actually like the "90s Trapper Keeper" one better than the Sand, but it's probably because I'm a child of the trapper keeper era 😆
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    Derail This Thread Thread

    Imagine my surprise when part of my name is featured in a poll 🤯 What does it mean? Why is it there? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
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    I reported another player and it felt good.

    I've only reported someone twice, and only when the problem was so bad that ignoring it seemed wrong, somehow. Otherwise, I'm with most other people and just ignore the person or turn chat off. As for what happens when you do report someone, you typically won't know. The support ticket...
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    Semi-Daily Mining Ops for 3.12

    Thanks for the info @Black Sunder . While the timing for the weekday ones probably won't work for me, I might be able to hop in during some on weekends
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    Semi-Daily Mining Ops for 3.12

    Yeah, I know that's been debated for a bit now. It is what it is. Not like I haven't done my fair share of grinding... what's a little bit more 😆
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    Semi-Daily Mining Ops for 3.12

    Is talk saying everything is going (aUEC, armor, weapons, ship upgrades, essentially anything that isn't in hangar)? Or are they saying it's just partial? I get that we never known *anything* until the day arrives or there's a formal announcement, but I was curious what exactly was going 'round.
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    Semi-Daily Mining Ops for 3.12

    I might be able to hop into a Mole mining turret on occasion. I tend to function on more of a swing shift (PST) for work, so it will depend on the timing. But if it lines up, I'd be happy to take part
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    Mining Bug - Refinery Console

    Yep. I've had the bug where it let you sell multiple times. Usually only happened to me when there was at least some quantanium in the load, but can't say it wouldn't happen with other stuff too. Think they are aware of the issue, but doesn't hurt to put in a ticket.
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    Eradicator Throwing Shade at Montoya

    Apparently, The Eradicator doesn't approve of Glorious Leader getting hands on a Star Runner before him. Much, much shade. Now, I'm not the kind of person to start anything (giggle) but are we going to let this stand? View:
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    Sub Flair for November is out.

    Honestly, I wasn't thrilled with October's flair either. Maybe the nerf gun will serve a purpose somewhere? Really what I find frustrating is that they've release helmets but haven't finished with the matching armor sets for some of them. Feel like I've been waiting for stinger armor for an...
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    I Made a Thing - A Song for Test Squadron - A Filk

    Hope it works out @BUTUZ ! My voice is decent for karaoke - suggesting that everyone listening is at least two drinks in - but that's about it. Hence why it's written out and not an audio recording 😆
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    I Made a Thing - A Song for Test Squadron - A Filk

    Thanks @Montoya @Mich Angel and @Vavrik ! I had fun coming up with it and am glad that I'm not the only one who found it amusing 😀 @ColdDog Definitely a cool sound on those
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    I Made a Thing - A Song for Test Squadron - A Filk

    Disclaimer: This is a Filk. It's to the tune of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, though this version features six verses instead of the usual four, and the lyrics have been altered to tell a folk-style story about a mythical Test Squadron adventure. I created it for fun. It's by no means perfection...
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    3.10 Ore Survey Thread

    Spottted some FPM Dolivine on Cellin today. Happened to be really close to the ground in my Prospector (like 50 m) and showed up when I did a scan. The pieces were like 0.11 for mass (or something like that), so I'm assuming that's hand mining size, anyway
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