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[Video] What is your most anticipated game of 2019?

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Lots of exciting titles coming up this year, starting with Anthem next month. Whats on your buy list?

[Video] Atlas is proving to be extremely popular here at TEST

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For a game that got so many negative reviews, the real life stats I am seeing here at TEST is that more people than ever are engaged and enjoying it!

[Video] Squadron 42 Roadmap released

[Video] 3.4 Roadmap and beyond

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Howdy ,
Contrary to my name, i am a good boy, i do not crime... But i will.
I'm pretty new to SC and looking for friends to chat and hang with and some guidance on what to do on my space journey.
I've been grinding the Delivery missions and some Mercenary Jobs but I'm looking to make some big $$
Also looking for more FPS fighting & Group missions.
Sixth anniversary with TEST Squadron! Yay! 🍻
Laters taters, see you in another few years.
A forever funding stage project really is a genius business model.
Enlisted with Test Squadron in Star Citizen. Time to unleash interstellar chaos and leave a trail of cosmic wreckage. Victory beers will taste like conquest and stardust.
Yex wrote on Black Sunder's profile.
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