[POLL] Aurora TEST fleet research&examination

Number of Aurora/s in my hangar:

  • 0, zip, zero - moar money for beer 'n stuff

  • 1 Aurora...my preciousssss

  • 2-3 Auroras...because I don't trust LTI

  • 3-5 Auroras...hey, its a multiplayer game, right?

  • 5+ Auroras...someone has to fill up the gap of the missing 11k Auroras...

  • Favourite/Owned Aurora: ES - Starter Edition/Exploration

  • Favourite/Owned Aurora: MR - Interdiction

  • Favourite/Owned Aurora: CL - Mercantile

  • Favourite/Owned Aurora: LN - Militia/Patrol

  • Favourite/Owned Aurora: LX - Exploration/light Mercantile

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Mar 8, 2016
RSI Handle
Dear TESTies, since I am with you here in this...nut forums, there happend a LOT of discussions about and around the one and only, the most beloved and - in terms of combat skills - highly underrated AURORA.
Currently, there is a thread going about the LN, and in general all about being in TEST, being with TEST equals to finally crashing with an Aurora into whatever Sun.

That being said, and looking to @ratfeast s' TEST-fleet-thread, there is a slight....minor...reeeeeal tiny...difference between TEST members - and TEST members who own an AURORA. The difference, we are talking about is 60 (sixty) owned Auroras against 12.000 (12k, twelve thousand!) TEST members. Thus I'm asking myself: where are the other 11.940 Auroras which should be owned when becoming a member of TEST?

And foremost, if you owned one but sold it for buying more beer (which in that case is absolutely and totally legitimate!), which Aurora is your favourite?

To bring it back into our minds again, there are - currently - 5 Auroras in the portfolio of CIG:
  1. Aurora ES - Starter Edition/Exploration
  2. Aurora MR - Interdiction
  3. Aurora CL - Mercantile
  4. Aurora LN - Militia/Patrol
  5. Aurora LX - Exploration/light Mercantile

So, I'm curious:
- how many Auroras do you own?
- why don't you own an Aurora (anymore)? And: which ship will you blot into the Sun instead...??
- what is your favourite Aurora - and why?

Shoot! :)

Cheers, I love you all! :D


Mar 8, 2016
RSI Handle
To answer to myself: I own an Aurora, but only an MR (as part of a starter package). The LX, which is my favourite - leather seats!! - I had to melt for getting the Caterpillar. Sad story, I know. Poor Aurora.
But since the Cat comes without leather (what a shame), I definitely have to buy back the LX. Basically, because I somehow love this tiny small ship, and its kind of fun to cruise around in them between all this big fucking ships with their huge asses... ;) And well, because I'm not a good fighting pilot (which then would result in a LN) but more an exploration player.
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Blind Owl

Hallucinogenic Owl
Nov 27, 2015
RSI Handle
I no longer own an Aurora. I needed beer and moar beer, so she got upgraded to a Beerfarer which then became a mega explorers pack. It's sad, I know.

But my LN was amazing, and if I were to get an Aurora again, that would be my one.


Space Marshal
Feb 22, 2016
RSI Handle
I started out with a mercenary pack (300i), but I just wanted a second ship so badly I went for the cheapest option at that moment, which was an Aurora MR (it was on sale for some reason).
I hated it. I thought it was ugly, and kinda useless. But during the years somehow this hate turned into appreciation for the way it simply works, and later turned into respect and love for it's seemingly simple yet complicated and very deeply engineered shape.
Thankfully I could get by with just discontinuing my subscription and using that money for beer instead of selling my Aurora.
Also I joined Test, so now I feel obligated to own one for the above mentioned purpose (crashing into a sun).

edit: also I would like to experience SC from it's lowest possible starting point, having the cheapest ship, upgrading it, and only leaving it for something better when I have really maxed out it's potential. Because I love the Journey.


Feb 25, 2016
RSI Handle
i upgraded my aurora with lti to a cutlass red with lti... and i have a starfarer...
going to use the starfarer to crash into suns... with the higher mass, it will count as alot of aurora's.... :D
Kind of like a moose running around with a herd of badgers..... :D


Space Marshal
Jan 5, 2016
RSI Handle
I got an Aurora LN to dragonfly $0 CCU to turn my LN into a ground exploration vehicle in my Taurus... But... But I just can't do it!

I... I confess I melted an LX for the store credit! I should not have and intend to buyback I sware!

Melters Remorse!


Grand Admiral
Jul 4, 2015
RSI Handle
Through a series of CCUs, what was an Aurora MR is likely to become a Cutlass at some point in the future. Currently, it's a Reliant Kore which may end up at least as a Skirmisher.
I do have a Taurus, though. That's basically a giant Aurora, though it may eventually become a BMM.

The Razgriz

Vice Admiral
Jul 24, 2016
RSI Handle
I've owned many Auroras, all of them were MRs that got upgraded to LNs. I eventually bought an LTI Digital Mercenary package and upgraded it to a LN. I also picked up a LX because leather seats are wicked! And then I sold the LX for a Gladius Valiant. The LN is still pretty bloody wicked for a starter ship. 4 guns and up to a size 4 missile for like $35. That's one hell of a bargain.


Space Marshal
Mar 15, 2016
RSI Handle
I would be very interested to read a comparison between the LN, the Avenger and the Tana. I heard the Avenger was nerfed?
This is my flight experience, very subjective and influenced by my flight style:

Guns: the LN has 2x S2 and 2x S1 which is nice for a light fighter. The Avenger has 2x S2 and 1x S3 Tigerstreik which is comparable to the Avenger, but the tigerstreik gives the Avenger an edge.
With the DPS calculator:
- LN 2x Badger, 2x Longsword = DPS 832
- Avenger 2x Badger, 1x Tigerstreik = DPS 1093

Flight: The LN has low speed, low turning rates but this feel equal. The Avenger has higher speed and better turning rates, but it feels like the speed and mass are unbalanced. If you make a 180, then the ship will keep flying backwards for a longer time, forcing you to boost and use afterburner more to reverse speed. This makes flying the LN easier than the Avenger, but when you learn to handle the Avenger, the Avenger is more deadly.

Shields and armor are irrelevant for my flight style. Since the LN and Avenger both are light fighters, they both can't depend on shields and armor to survive a fight. The shields are a good indication against energy weapons, if the shields are going down, then it is too hot under your feet, better retreat and engage again in a better position.
Ballistics don't indicate, they do damage, but the same principle. If you are taking damage while chasing a target in dogfight, then someone is chasing you too. Either your target outturns you or other enemies are targeting you. Finish of your target faster or retreat and engage again from a better position.

Carlos Spicyweiner

Space Marshal
Oct 14, 2015
RSI Handle
I have an MR, LX and an LN with the dread pirate skin. I keep all my Auroras in a Selfland hangar. I like jumping into a dogfight with the LN, firing off all the missiles and pea shooters at whatever passes in front of me, and jumping out again! This is good practice for how I intend to operate when the game drops. The motto of my company is "Quod Tenebam et Fugit Semper", which means "Always Ready to Scream and Run Away"(Thanks, Google Translate:tm:)
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