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  1. mr-hasgaha

    Our (Arts&Crafts) Dumper's Depot commercial featured in CitizenCon

    This is our team's (Arts & Crafts) entry, "Dumper's Depot", into the Star Citizen CitizenCon 2951 Video Contest. The video had to be no longer than 45 seconds and had to be based within the Star Citizen universe. The in-fiction video may promote your player organization, an NPC group, an in-game...
  2. DarkMennoch

    Greetings TESTicles!

    Hello all, I'm Mennoch, or Dark, whatever name you really wanna call me in truth, been called many names over the course of my long time being a gamer, might as well call me Legion, lol. I'm pretty new to Star Citizen, even though I've been following it since 2014, I've just recently decided to...
  3. DirectorGunner

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 Leather Jacket few days away CIG wrote in that post that they will I love free stuff, so, yay, excited for more free stuff!
  4. mr-hasgaha

    "Fate Tempted"; Arts&Crafts entry in CIG's Tempt Fate Video Contest

    "Fate Tempted" This is our team's (Arts & Crafts) entry, "Fate Tempted", into the Star Citizen Tempt Fate 2951 Video Contest. The video had to be no longer than 90 seconds and show how fortune smiles on you in a battle against a superior foe and how you emerged victorious. Footage in our video...
  5. mr-hasgaha

    My Star Citizen Screenshot Contest for MARCH is live; ends March 26

    ALL THE RULES, DETAILS & ENTRIES HERE: Hi all, My last Star Citizen screenshot contest ended in January with 267 entries… a massive increase in submissions. It took longer to judge them all so I decided to skip a contest for February. And, moving forward...
  6. DirectorGunner

    CIG Soxyfox email shows tons of charts and data from concierge backers

    For those of you without self-control, like myself, within the Star Citizen backer ranks of concierge and beyond.... The new Concierge CIG person (not sure of her title) Soxyfox combined all of the survey data she took last year in November...
  7. mr-hasgaha

    My Star Citizen Screenshot Contest for JANUARY is live with BIG prizes; ends Jan 25

    ALL THE RULES, DETAILS & ENTRIES HERE: Hi all, My last Star Citizen screenshot contest ended back in November and I decided to skip the month of December to focus time on family, the holidays, and work-related projects. To make up for skipping December...
  8. mr-hasgaha

    My Star Citizen Screenshot Contest for November is live; ends Nov 29

    ALL THE RULES, DETAILS & ENTRIES HERE: Hi all, October’s Star Citizen screenshot contest just wrapped up and we’re launching right into November’s! This month’s contest will work the exact same way… except with new prizes, a new theme (“Close-up“), and new...
  9. DirectorGunner

    CDS Heavy Marine Cosplay video spot

    If you want to give me a vote-zies or read about my insane journey. Star Citizen cosplay heavy marine, by Clark Defense Systems.
  10. DirectorGunner

    1st wave of vanduul masks have been dispersed

    So lock up your daughter, Lock up your wife, Lock up your back door, Run for your life! The Vanduul are back in town!
  11. DirectorGunner

    Star Citizen homestead concepts look amazing!

    WOW! Screw the review process, I want ALL of them, now! lol This would bring so much life to Star Citizen in terms of feel. And if any of these homestead NPCs offered missions, how cool would that be. NPC mission ideas "My bother is missing, can you find out what happened to him?" "Having...
  12. GriffinGamingRPG

    Check out "Femme Fatale": Women in Star Citizen here!

    You can check out the latest episode of the SOL Citizens "Femme Fatale": Women in Star Citizen here!
  13. mr-hasgaha

    I'm running a Star Citizen Screenshot Contest NOW through August

    ALL THE RULES, DETAILS & ENTRIES HERE: Hi all, I just wanted to make you all aware of my inaugural (and hopefully recurring) Star Citizen screenshot contest and EVERYONE is welcome to enter. The creativity of the Star Citizen community never ceases to...
  14. DirectorGunner

    CONCERN, run for the mountains!

    I got fired up when @August shared this video But not like angry at the concern reddit post... as bored was reading off what the person wrote.... I actually kept nodding and agreeing with the Redditor... I am like... well damn... that is a 100% reasonable argument. And now back to our regular...
  15. mr-hasgaha

    Star Citizen Camera Controls Tutorial

    My updated Star Citizen Camera System Tutorial is FINALLY done. It's a 30 minute long deep dive into the system. I go into great detail on all the camera options and controls including Depth of Field (DOF), Field of View (FOV), Offsets, Zoom, and Freelook while pointing out restrictions and...
  16. GriffinGamingRPG

    Watch SOL Citizens: "Back to CitizenCon 2016" - Sunday, July 5th at 8:00pm ET!

    At CitizenCon 2016 update 4.0 included the RSI Orion and Anvil Crucible (cough). Could it still happen? TEST Squadron members fastcart, GreenEyedGyal and Kelosal will be the commentators! Join the SOL Citizens tomorrow, July 5th at 8:00pm ET and let's talk about it!
  17. mr-hasgaha

    A request for subtitle translation help for an SC tutorial video

    Hi all, This is an open call for volunteers to help translating my English subtitles on my upcoming SC Camera Controls Tutorial video into other languages. For those that don't know, YouTube allows you to enter subtitles/CC for a HUGE range of languages that help the content reach a much wider...
  18. MonkGaming

    3D Printed Aurora & Mustang "Kit Cards"

    I wanted to make a set of 3D Printable Kit Cards that were thin and light enough to be mailed for a single stamp. For anyone unfamiliar, kit cards are small card based versions of these 3D puzzles we used to do as kids. Each card is approximately the same dimensions as a credit card...
  19. mr-hasgaha

    My entries for CIG's 2950 UEE Recruitment Poster Contest

    | If you didn't know, CIG ran a contest during Invictus Launch Week for players to create their own UEE recruitment posters. There weren't a lot of requirements or restrictions... it was rather wide open. But, me being me, I wanted to use mostly in-game screenshots to create my poster. All the...
  20. mr-hasgaha

    My 42 Favorite Star Citizen Screenshots from 2019

    With 2020 and Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 in full swing, I thought I’d look back through all my Star Citizen in-game screenshots from 2019 and pick out my 42 personal favorites. The collection below spans from Alpha 3.4 all the up to the early days of Alpha 3.8. ➡ View them on the...
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