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[Video] Anthem needs a loot buff!

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Bioware needs to crank up better loot rates in their current end game.

[Video] Talking caves and 3.5 with TESTies

Shadow Setup Guide + Feedback

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We have partnered with Shadow to give TEST members an exclusive $10 off their first month. You can sign up and try for 30 days to see if the service is worth it for you! Shadow Signup Referral Link: Shadow Non-Referral Link: Use Promo Code TESTGG for $10 off first month.

[Video] Excited for gimbal assist in 3.5!

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Sixth anniversary with TEST Squadron! Yay! 🍻
Laters taters, see you in another few years.
A forever funding stage project really is a genius business model.
Enlisted with Test Squadron in Star Citizen. Time to unleash interstellar chaos and leave a trail of cosmic wreckage. Victory beers will taste like conquest and stardust.
Yex wrote on Black Sunder's profile.
Got the F8C now. Pretty sweet ship
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