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    Anyone seen a drunk guy recently?

    Welcome to Test! My significant other is also a horse enthusiast which, by extension, means that I am as well :)
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    Cryogenic sleep for the last 6 years...

    Welcome back :)
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    3.8 PTU Wave 1: Help us test SOCS!

    Copied from post on Spectrum: Hey everyone, In the next 30 minutes or so (~0135 UTC), we'll be opening up 3.8 PTU Wave 1 for all concierge and subscribers to test our current 3.8 build. Please note that this is not going to be a normal PTU experience, this is a stress test for Server-side OCS...
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I have never visited the states, but i really like the idea of visiting Vegas. I like gambling, but i get upset when i lose $50 in a friendly game of poker with friends. Yesterday i bought an Aries (listed price plus 25% VAT because Denmark) out of the blue because of BRRRRRRRRT!. Its funny how...
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    Holiday 2019 Contest

    I am down for anything, i have a few possible ships that could be useful. I am on GMT +1 though, so it really depends on when people want to do something.
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    We are the knights that say "BRRRRRRRRT " - Bambooza

    We are the knights that say "BRRRRRRRRT " - Bambooza
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    New Star Citizen Ship: ARES (Video)

    BRRRRRRRRRRRT! Im grabbing that for posterity! They need to know!
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    New Star Citizen Ship: ARES (Video)

    I have been flying around an Aurora with gatlings just for the BRRRRT! It may be my imagination, but the BRRRT! sounds better in an aurora to me than in a Freelancer MIS- maybe because two of the guns are right below the cockpit.
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    New Star Citizen Ship: ARES (Video)

    BRRRRRRRRT! I am so hyped for the Inferno. It may or may not be shit, but as long as that gun has a beefy sound for the pilot and anyone you are shooting at in atmosphere, im sold.
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    Hello. My name is Knusum, and i am a starship addict.

    I have been following starcitizen since 2014 and decided to buy my starterpackage in 2015ish. I cant really remember, it doesnt matter. Since then, the addiction took hold, and i have added many more ships to my collection. I hail from the land of Denmark, country of bacon and fairytales by H.C...
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    CIG raised $800,000 on first day of Ares sale

    #MeToo ... BRRRRRRRRRRT!
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    Crusader Ares - Stats live

    Counterpoint: BRRRRRRRT! :)
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    Here's the Crusader Ares

    I dont care about its DPS compared to other ships. Rule of cool- i just bought the inferno for the giant BRRRRRRRRT :)
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    Here's the Crusader Ares

    I am looking at that S7 gatling and cant stop drooling
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