1. Zookajoe

    So, what can we postulate about the Mercury?

    What we know: From Thalstan, good work! info from the ship sale Updated with information from the pledge page Focus: Medium Cargo/Medium Data Description: The Mercury checks all the boxes expected of a dependable courier vessel, and then some. If you need it there fast and unscathed, you...
  2. FeaturedSpace

    Ship Status Update (From Reddit)

    Hey guys! So one of my favorite redditors just posted their (somewhat) "monthly ship update". This amazing chart compares the size of all of the new ships, as well as organizes them by company. This is very useful to use so that you know when your favorite concept ship might next release...
  3. RiceMaiden

    Laser Cut Ship Model Sale! + FREEBIES!

  4. RiceMaiden

    Can You Handle This Much Wood?

    Coming this Friday: JUNE 1ST 12:00pm PST The first ever RiceMaiden Models Lasercut Ship Sale will go live with a post in the TEST forum marketplace! CIG has given me permission to sell 20 personally designed models! It will be first come, first serve to snag one for yourself (US delivery...
  5. Vavrik

    890 Jump Scheduled for 3.5

    This might make some folks happy. The Origin 890 Jump is scheduled for alpha 3.5, at the end of Q1 2019, so about 11 months from now. and scroll to the right to show the last column if you have to.
  6. SullyQuindarius

    Well, here's the St. Patrick's Day Specials And for rich people:
  7. Jolly_Green_Giant

    If you were designing a ship from the interior out ...

    If you were designing a ship from the interior out, what would you like to see in SC? Think.. Practicality, Accessibility, Function, Crew requirements and Amenities. Also cool factor and wether or not it has a TEST brand kegerator.
  8. SullyQuindarius

    Profile ship list update?

    Now that the Vulcan is gonna be available to everyone, isn't it time for a refresh of the fleet list? It's missing a whole bunch of ships and ground vehicles/space bikes.
  9. Graf_Orlock

    The time to decide approaches

    and I have to finally figure out what I want to do with my fleet. Well, I don't HAVE to I suppose. Let me just get to the point: I currently have a Hurricane and an 85x that I'm not super attached to but I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on upgrading them. I was kinda thinking of...
  10. BlackWolff

    The Hornets Series

    Slowly I really stared liking the Hornet and I am thinking about getting one. I was wondering what are your experiences with the different models and do you think it's worth getting one? Also, what do you guys no about the F7A, if anything? What's the ETA on it?
  11. Thalstan

    So you want to be a pilot...

    So, you've finally gotten to the point where either you are going to pledge to support Star Citizen for the first time, or you are looking to add a second or third ship to your collection. Congratulations. I hope that the game is everything you want it to be. BUT, let's talk about the big...
  12. RiceMaiden

    How To Build: RSI Polaris Model

    As some of you know I build laser cut ship models. I've been on a kick for the last 6 months building SC ship models as part of some illogical use of my free time. So far I've made 12 unique ships to date. Normally I'm not one to make forum posts. Too much stuff gets started and never...
  13. RiceMaiden

    RiceMaiden's Hangar of Ship Models

    err... sorry it's currently a bookshelf. Sorry to disappoint.... and sorry to 56k users. Montoya over on the Discord channel encouraged me to broaden my social outlets and got me back to the TEST forums. I've been a fan of SC for a couple years now. Mid last year I set out to make as many...
  14. FluffyVonRage

    backgrounds? BACKGROUNDS!

    So i saw a set of backgrounds on the citizen spotlight, and though they were awesomely simple - So i might have copied the idea a little, and made a few more so i had some variation on my desktop :p I'll stick them on imgur for anyone interested in getting hold of them too. Here's the original...
  15. James Hannon

    Star Citizen Ship Size Comparison

    I've not seen this posted here, thought it might interest
  16. Smelly Clown


    Who has the biggest Schlong?
  17. Schmunkel

    Jump size speculation for ships

    I posted this same thread on reddit, however, I wanted to also post it here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As someone looking into hauling/smuggling, I wanted to speculate on what size...
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